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Lost in Translation: culture differences

It's almost two months we are here in beautiful Vietnam and life is sweet. I cross my fingers, but so far we haven't had any major trouble and we haven't regretted one second coming here: the temperatures are pleasant, the variety of food is convenient, taxis are ridiculously cheap and can therefore replace public transport… Continue reading Lost in Translation: culture differences

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Trois touristes à Saigon

Notre séjour à l'hôtel s'achève bientôt, et c'est tant mieux car nous commençons à trouver le temps un peu long. Nous avons tous les trois en effet hâte de débuter notre nouvelle vie pour de vrai au lieu de nous sentir comme des touristes en vacances. Ne vous méprenez pas, vagabonder des les rues est… Continue reading Trois touristes à Saigon


Digital nomads? Pros and Cons

As we embarked upon this new adventurous journey towards the unknown, we unravelled the secrets of other people like us and we have come across a word that seemed as sexy as it was mysterious: digital nomads. Digital nomads are the new generation of nomads, those who, like us, feel the irrepriscible need to wander, to… Continue reading Digital nomads? Pros and Cons

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Ten gift ideas for the travelling child

It's always a hassle to pick a gift for children: Are they going to like it? Is it age appropriate? Have they already got something similar? Well, let me tell you, it's even more difficult when you want to buy a gift for a travelling child, as two other imperatives come into the picture: Is it practical or… Continue reading Ten gift ideas for the travelling child


Tickets in our pockets

That's it people! We've got our flight tickets! We can now officially announce that we are departing on the 4th of July 2017, destination: Ho Chi Min City - Vietnam! Wow it feels great saying it out loud! There's still a lot to be done before we're actually ready to make our big move but that's… Continue reading Tickets in our pockets