About us

Hello reader,

Thank you for stopping by on this blog. We hope you are enjoying your visit!

My name is Jessica, I am an English teacher.What I love most is learning and discovering new things. I also love travelling, meeting people, reading, watching movies and documentaries. I practice yoga, veganism, meditation, blogging, cooking, knitting and sleeping. I love sleeping. And chocolate. I don’t like being told what to do or how to live. Which is probably why I’ve completely re-invented my life. I am patient, generous, and positive most days. I’m also impatient, selfish and pessimistic sometimes.

I am the lucky wife of Alex, a comic book artist who I met in 2010. I was planning a solo trip to Asia, he had just come back from Thailand. We fell in love and planned to leave together as soon as we could. But you know… life happened.

We became the blessed parents of Anaïs, a wonderful little girl, in 2012. We got married 3 years later, surrounded by the best people in the world. And then we knew it was time for us to finally hit the road…

Follow us on our new path!


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