English, Sentiments

Just to look at her

I don’t speak about her much, words cannot convey

How my heart is full of pride, when I just see her smile.

It’s all so busy, it’s all so hectic, I’ve got no time

But my eyes are filled with joy, when I see her curls bounce around.

I’ve got to work, just one more hour, I cannot play

But when her hand falls into mine, I cannot stay

And so we sing, and so we dance, and so we laugh

And so I can’t prevent the tears, I can’t prevent the glow

For there’s nothing sweeter in life that to see her grow.

My loved one, my baby girl, I hope she knows I care

That nothing would make sense if she weren’t there.

I wake up every day, and I couldn’t be happier

To have another chance, just to look at her.



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