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Ten gift ideas for the travelling child

It’s always a hassle to pick a gift for children: Are they going to like it? Is it age appropriate? Have they already got something similar?

Well, let me tell you, it’s even more difficult when you want to buy a gift for a travelling child, as two other imperatives come into the picture:

  1. Is it practical or essential? Are they going to use it in their everyday life or is it something they are going to keep in a box?
  2. Is it portable? Does it fit in their backpacks?

Every holiday or celebration, we worry about what kind of present our daughter is going to get and the disappointment she will have to face when we explain to her that she won’t be able to take it with her as we go. We realized it was time to make a list  of ideas to share with you, so that you too can make that ideal gift for the travelling child!

10 Gifts ideas for the travelling child

Click on the pics to access Amazon and do your own shopping and help us get a percentage! I picked my favorite items for my daughter, but all ideas are of course applicable for a boy!

  1. Snug: headphones for children (20€)

Do children love listening to music, watching videos on youtube or watching movies?

Er, dah! Of course they do, and so do we! These headphones are super cool. Contrary to the lousy complimentary headphones good airlines distribute on their long-haul flights, these come in funky colors (yes, I’m a visual person), they are adaptable to a child’s head size, they have limited volume to protect our offsprings’ cute little ears, they are super comfortable and they come with a share port for their siblings, or even their parents… (Yes, I admit, I am totally guilty of adoring kids’ movies). And the icing on the cake? It is foldable… Aaah yes, yes, yes!!!

2. Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet WIFI 32G (129,99€)

Ok, so, now we’ve got the headphones, but we need a device to get entertained. The Kindle Fire seems to be the best solution to me. First of all, its price beats Apple by far, even though I’m an absolute i-addict. But I can’t resolve myself to spend 300€ or more for a tablet for my child. There are cheaper Kindle tablets, but the Fire HD 8 has great colors, greater memory capacities (up to 32GB) to store all the books they are going to want to read. Reading a children story in black and white would definitely not be the same, right? The screen is also the biggest one (8″ = 20,3cm), which I find more enjoyable. It has 12 hours of battery autonomy and needs 6 hours to get fully charged. There’s also a camera so that the little expats can take photos of their discoveries and they can video-chat with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents living far away…

As a bonus, the Kindle protection especially made for children is a must (29,99€)

3. Memory Foam Neck Cushion (13,99€)

No, children don’t necessary get comfortable everywhere. Quite the contrary. I remember spending our 10-hour flight back from Bangkok worrying about our daughter’s neck and posture. Not only a neck pillow is an essential, this pillow has everything that’s the usual inflatable neck cushions don’t: it’s comfortable. Ok, it’s a little bulky, but I believe it’s worth it!

4. A (cute) cap (12,90€)

This is a must! The sun is going to hit hard if you’re travelling in sunny countries like we are, and you need to protect your child’s head. If you also want your kids to swag it, then be careful in your choice. I must admit I have a tendency to orient my girl in a fashionable direction: “No, honey, this pink Elsa dress is boring, look at that amazing Nike cap though?”

5. A (practical) backpack (19,99€)

Another gift that can be pretty and useful. Or pretty useful. Be careful to chose a backpack that fits your kid’s size and not to overload it, their backs might get hurt. Still, they will be happy to have their favorite things on the plane with them, and they will use it all the time while discovering new places every day! This one here is super cute and seems to be handy, perfect for the little backpackers!

6. A swimming costume (29€)

Now, of course you would be able to buy a swimming costume at your destination point, but if friends and family are trying hard to find the perfect gift, this could be the way to go. Except if you’re moving to Canada, then, you know, maybe not…

The one for girls here is by Bluefish, and the one for boys by Kaporal. I just love them!


7. Usborne and Lonely Planet Activity books (7 ->15€)

Okay, okay, we’ve got a tablet. But let’s be honest, we don’t like our kids to be on their screens for too long. Plus, what happens when the battery is dead? Activity books! I personally love sharing special moments with my kid, especially when travelling. There are so many games that can be played at an airport! If you lack inspiration, here’s a selection that got some good reviews:


8. A mini-lovely bluetooth speaker to dance, dance, dance! (14,79€)

Because it’s great to have headphones, but once your kids are at the hotel or in your new home, if they are anything like mine, they are going to want to play their music for the whole family. As expats / nomads, it wouldn’t be wise to buy a big hi-fi system, right? Well the little Hukoer Kitten or Puppy is your answer! A surprising sound power for 4 hours of autonomy (and only 1 hour needed to recharge) that connects to your phone, tablet or computer through bluetooth. Isn’t that super-awesome?

9. A stainless steel isothermal flask  (Haosen) (7,99€)

A child is never thirsty, but should always drink more! Keep them safely hydrated with this stainless steel isothermal flask, especially when travelling to hot countries where tap water is not drinkable! I love the blue one! Which one is your favorite?

10. Coloring material

My daughter loves to draw and color, and she’s pretty good at it! I cannot imagine leaving without her having great material to do so. Here’s my selection!

There you go! I hope that you got what you came here for: a gift idea for your kid as you’re on your way to travel or to becoming expats, or a gift idea for a kid that is starting a big adventure just as we are!

To be honest, as an adult, I would be perfectly happy with any of these gifts… They are just so beautiful, with all those gorgeous colors!

Let me know what you thought, and if you have any other ideas, please share them!

See you soon!


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