Tickets in our pockets

That’s it people! We’ve got our flight tickets!

We can now officially announce that we are departing on the 4th of July 2017, destination: Ho Chi Min City – Vietnam! Wow it feels great saying it out loud! There’s still a lot to be done before we’re actually ready to make our big move but that’s a great first step. It’s REAL! So I figured, it’s time I answered a few of the questions people usually ask us about this insane project of ours.

Tickets in our pockets

Why leave?

Well that’s an easy start: Why not? Travelling to me is a way of discovering our true selves. I don’t want to spend my life dreaming about “somewhere else” and never being able to do it for financial matters. Yes, travelling costs money. But travelling doesn’t mean you can’t work on the way, right? So, instead of working in Europe and paying bills in Europe and complaining about Europe (the weather, the system, the politics, the lack of job development possibilities, etc.), we figured, lets discover the world, work on the way, pay bills on the way and stop complaining. Right?

Why Vietnam?

Although we always knew we wanted to go to Asia, we chose Vietnam about 14 months ago both for logical and emotional reasons. I’m an English teacher, and after having done a little bit of research, Vietnam seems to be booming with teaching job opportunities. Also, the quality of life vs. the price of life, the breathtaking landscapes and the food, which is famous for being the best in Asia. The climate is tropical in the South (i.e. where we are going), which means it’s about 27° all year long, with a rainy season and a dry season, which (theoretically) is perfectly fine by me. I’m seriously freezing in damp Belgium, I think I can take humid Vietnam. By the way, don’t hesitate referring me to this post once I’m there and I can’t handle the heat. On the emotional side, my husband’s partly from Vietnam and consequently, so is my daughter. It would be just incredible to be able to get a taste of their roots and get to know this culture better.  And also, did I mention they have the best food in Asia?

What about your jobs?

Alex is a comic book artist, which means he can virtually work from anywhere in the world as long as he’s got his portable drawing material and an internet connection. That’s settled.

As for me, you already know. I had a full-time job for the last seven years, and then some people got laid off at my school, including me. We had already decided to leave, so that didn’t really affect our plans, but still, it made me aware that I wasn’t leaving any kind of security behind since I have no security here at all. I’m still teaching at the moment, but only part-time. It leaves me plenty of time to get my family ready!

What about school for your kid?

Another thing I’ve always wanted to do was to reduce my work time (done) and to homeschool my daughter. Since we are creating the life we’ve always wanted, we had to go all the way, right? So, not only will she be homeschooled, she will be world-schooled. It’s a real thing, I’ll tell you more about it in a future post.

What about your home in Brussels?

We’re going to slightly refresh it and rent it! Next question!

How long are you leaving?

We don’t know. Maybe a few months, maybe a few years, maybe forever. Honestly, I know that no matter how many plans we make, life is going to put us on our right path. So, I have decided to surrender and to adopt the wait-and-see attitude. So for now, I’ll say “as long as we can!”

Aren’t you scared?

It depends. Some days I’m really relaxed about it. Some other days I’m terrified. In the end, it doesn’t really matter because if I only did the things that don’t scare me, I wouldn’t discover much, would I?

What about you? Do you think we are insane? Are you inspired? Would you do something like that “one day”? What’s keeping you from doing it? Or perhaps you are also in the process of going abroad for a while? Tell us all about it!

2 thoughts on “Tickets in our pockets”

  1. I’m very exciting for you Jessica! and for your family! I’ll be in Italy for your departure but all of my thinking will be there for you! And very good idea this blog! and beautiful! Lot of kisses! Nadine


    1. Hi Nadine, thank your for your comment! So you’re going to Italy? How nice! Which part of Italy are you going to visit? Thank you for your encouragements, I miss teaching you! Jessica


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